Various from the religion of peace 12/13/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Where’s Syed asked his San Bernardino co-workers (pictured).
Syed and his wife were just running a little late, as it turns out.Muslim groups shrug off terror attacks in the name
of Islam.  They say it’s just a “misunderstanding.”
If so, then shouldn’t they have gotten it cleared up by now?

By the Numbers  (Clarion Project)
(Video) The untold story of Muslim opinion and demographics.

America’s Immigration Challenge  (The Atlantic)
“Coming to the United States would benefit refugees – but policymakers seldom ask whether their arrival would benefit the United States.”

This is War: Seal the Borders, Stop the Visas  (Larry Kudlow)
A former immigration ‘reformist’ now understands that it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Confidence in US Govt. to Protect from Terror Plummets…
Syrians Transport Explosives and Toxic Gas to Switzerland…
Terrorists Watch Sermon Before Gruesome Execution…
Malta Imam: No Terrorists Here – Just ‘Sympathists’…
US Arrests ‘Refugee’ for ISIS Recruiting…
Labour Councils Puts ‘Migrants’ in Conservative Areas…
Leader Declares Gambia an Islamic Republic…
(Sweden) Migrant Rapes Result in Rallies for More Migrants…
Religion of Peace Bomb Threats Deter Christmas in Pak…
Slavery Ring Smashed in Britain…
US: ISIS has Made $1.5 Billion…
Gang Raped and Tortured 11-Year-Old British Girl…
British MP Reserves Outrage for Trump (F-Bomb for Breakfast)
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