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Saturday Night Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock’s Young and Innocent

YoungInnocentGirlWasYoungTonight’s Saturday Night Cinema is an early Hitchcock thriller, Young and Innocent (released in the States as The Girl Was Young). This romantic murder-mystery drama sees Derrick De Marney star as Robert Tisdall, a young man accused of murdering an actress whose body washes up on a beach. A Hitchcock thriller with charm and humor; […]READ MORE

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Muslim Terror Plot Uncovered Overseas Names Chicago as Target

chicago-skyline-2All across Europe and now America, terror attacks are being thwarted daily. And world leaders are convening to circle jerk around the weather. You just can’t make this stuff up. “Residents should always remain vigilant, and if ‘you see something, say something.’” Unless, of course, it turns out to be nothing. Then you’re a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot. […]READ MORE

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Donald Trump: More British Muslims join ISIS than the UK Army, Petition to Ban Trump Soars

NY TIMES Muslim armyLook at the Daily Mail headline: “Now Donald Trump claims ……”  Donald is right. I wrote about it here and here. It’s not a Muslim Labour MP who said it,  there have been numerous reports. The NY Times did a piece on it. They want to ban Donald Trump from the UK for the same […]READ MORE

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Residents Complain ‘Call to Prayer’ is Too Loud in 1st American City with Muslim Majority City Council

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 2.13.08 PMYou may recall that Hamtramck was in the news recently because it elected the first Muslim-majority city council. Now this. Blaring the Muslim call to prayer at an ungodly hour. Imagine waking up to nails on a chalk-board at 6 am every morning. And it’s not just one mosque — Islamic supremacism in action. “Residents […]READ MORE

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Geneva remains on high alert after police arrest two Syrian terror suspects

Two-Syrians-arrested-in-Geneva-on-suspicion-of-terror-linksHere are two excellent reasons to stop these refugees from coming into this country. Relentless, unending Islamic terrorism. These two Syrians were found “with traces of explosives found in car.” Yesterday, the US embassy in Switzerland warned Americans of a terror threat. “Two arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses; Geneva remains on alert,” CNN, December […]READ MORE

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Islamic State Tweets New Map of 5 Year Plan for World Conquest

isis-caliphateIf Hillary takes the White House, the odds are in their favor. “‘ISIS’ Tweets New Map of 5-Year Plan for World Conquest,” By Sam Prince, Heavy, December 10, 2015 (thanks to Christian): A new map purportedly released by the Islamic State shows Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East drawn-up to show the lands it […]READ MORE

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ISIS Doubles Recruitment of Foreign Fighters

isis-armyThese are Muslims who actually get up, travel to the Middle East and go to fight for the Islamic State. How many sympathizers are there in the ummah? The number of foreign fighters who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State has more than doubled and could stand at 31,000, according […]READ MORE

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San Bernardino Jihadis’ Accomplice Spoke of ‘Sleeper Cells’ Before Rampage

Like President Obama and the media and academic elites, among the regulars at the bar where jihad accomplice Enrique Marquez worked, “no one would take him seriously” when Marquez spoke about terrorism, sleeper cells, and “when it happens, it’s going to be big. Watch…” Photo: Van Thanh Nguyen, center, at the wake of her daughter […]READ MORE

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Texas imam forced to resign over support of Trump’s Muslim immigration plan

Screen-Shot-2015-12-11-at-10.01.14-AM-750x414This is not surprising. Zuhdi Jasser was thrown out of his mosque, too. “Local Imam says he was forced to resign because he agrees with Trump on Muslim immigration,” by Haley Bull, KBTV-TV FOX 4, December 11, 2015 A political conflict is playing out within the walls of the Muslim community in Southeast Texas. A […]READ MORE

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Third man in the Garland jihad attack could go free

garland shooting 3“The defense is trying to get the evidence against the Phoenix man thrown out. Defense Attorney Daniel Maynard argued Kareem was under distress from his diabetes when he gave two voluntary interviews to FBI agents.” So apparently Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem admitted his role in this jihad mass murder plot, but now he wants to […]READ MORE

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