Trump: The American Churchill?


Gates of Vienna

First things first. Good morning and Happy 2018. Hopefully, we are all wise enough that our heads don’t hurt too badly. :P, In any case, it looks like a warm one here today, my thermometer says it’s all of -2°F here, so it’s probably not the day for me to wear my shorts and sandals to the beach. Beached whales everywhere are no doubt grateful!

Patricia McCarthy over at American Thinker had a radical thought, Could Donald Trump be our Sir Winston? Sounds rather laughable on the surface, but I think she has a point. Let’s see what you think.

Comparing the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill to President Donald Trump is guaranteed to elicit scorn from intellectuals, for one was a prolific man of letters, while the other speaks in the vocabulary of the common man.  One was a journalist and scholar, while the other is a…

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