Robert Mueller’s Fishing Expedition Reaches the Republican National Committee

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It gets no more ridiculous than this.  Ridiculous yes, nefarious, dangerous to Our Republic, indeed.

There is a plot afoot America to silence those in the Republican Party questioning the collusion of the deep state and fellow Progressives nefarious scheme to take down a sitting president….or at least to send the GOP cowering with their tales between their legs as the Republican Party has often done in the past.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Two sources allegedly told Yahoo News that Mueller’s team is currently investigating “the joint RNC-Trump campaign data operation” to determine if Trump’s side of the RNC in 2016, which was run by Brad Parscale and managed by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is in any way “related to the activities of Russian trolls and bots aimed at influencing the American electorate.”

The FBI has been allegedly scrutinizing Kushner’s contacts in December 2016 with the Russian…

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