More of the O Antiphons


Wisdom depicted as a female figure enthroned (BL Cotton MS Cleopatra C VIII, f.36)

More from A Clerk of Oxford on the O Antiphons, traditional to Advent, since Saxon times. This time:

O mundi domina, regio ex semine orta,
ex tuo iam Christus processit alvo tamquam sponsus de thalamo;

hic iacet in praesepio qui et sidera regit.

So, if you were an Anglo-Saxon monk what would you make of that? This? It’s fairly long so I skipped the Old English since most of us colonials can’t read it anyway, but it is in her post.

O glory of the world,
the purest queen of all those
who have ever existed across the earth!
How rightly all speech-bearing ones
throughout the world address you and say,
joyous in heart, that you should be the bride
of the best Gift-giver of the skies.
And so too those highest in the heavens,

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