Roy Moore and the Soft Bigotry of Elitism

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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

(I’ll get to Roy Moore shortly.)

The Mason-Dixon Line of Elitism

Who knew that Queens was just a half mile east of Dayton, Tennessee?

Christopher Hitchens (RIP) once said that the English wear their class on the tips of their tongues. That is also true about Americans, only, more generally our tongues revealed where we were from.

It was elitism that stigmatized American regionalism. At least that’s what justified Bob Beckel, formerly of FoxNews, to leap directly to the notion that racism was a uniquely southern sin, and there was no easier way to identify a southern racist than to listen to him talk. Bob Beckel was wrong, but hey, he was just a kid when Dr King was murdered, and never bothered to listen to Dick Gregory, who died only recently, as he tried to paint elitist northerners Yankees with the same racist brush as southerners, while Dr King…

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