AG Jeff Sessions testimony before US Senate Committee on the Judiciary (video)

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See Attorney General, Jeff Sessions testimony yesterday before the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary below.

Much of the hearing consisted of Progressives posturing and pushing false narratives obviously for the sake of upcoming elections, propaganda, commercials and email fundraising campaigns.

In spite of the antics and false allegations levied at Sessions and the President, AG Sessions would not be deterred and stood his ground, called out and set the record straight when attacked by Senators Al Franken*, Robert Leahy and their fellow Marxist jerk Richard Blumenthal.

In spite of a media blackout, the Uranium One deal pushed through under Barack Obama involving for Obama’s AG, Eric Holder and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which involves the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium and the funneling of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation has been brought to the forefront.

Clintonistas are scrambling to keep the…

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