NFL protests are based on lies

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Wow! Magazine by Doug Hagin

From the time Colin Kaepernick first “took a knee” during the national anthem last season the left have hailed him as heroic, and praised him for raising awareness, and protesting inequality, and police brutality. The media, of course has been eager to carry these narratives because the media loves nothing more than to point out American racism. Narratives are loved by the left. Narratives require no facts, all they need is an emotional story that is repeated, and repeated, even after it has been proven false. The media are their willing and eager partners in spreading the propaganda.

Sure the narrative about police “hunting down” Black men is false. If it held any shred of validity, the body count in America’s inner cities would be massive. The Michael Brown “Hands up Don’t Shoot” narrative? It has been completely discredited by forensic evidence, physical evidence, autopsies…

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