Former Lt. Col. Believes “Trump Conceded, Coup Complete?”

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Former Lt Col Believes”Trump Conceded, Coup Complete?”

The Lt. Col (in the video below) totally believes that Trump has conceded to the Communists, CIA, Deep State and the “NWO”. It might be true.. I don’t know. But, I myself have watched one coup after the next and this is very possible. This Col also covered the SNAFU in Ukraine and understands what happens during a Coup.

Roger Stone (below) also believes that the “Coup” is being carried out. The 3 Generals in Trump’s ‘top’ brass are antiTrump. Media Matters and a ton of Bolsheviks are happy that McMasters is in there: Media Matters, CAIR, FCommunist ADL, #NeverTrumpers and Anti-Trump Hacks ALL DEFEND H.R. McMaster.

WHAT do they know???

This also is big news because some Jews have been purged and they were Trump loyalists: TOP JEWISH ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA Calls on Trump Admin to Reassign…

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