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I’ve written about this subject a few times since 9/11, since I’m something of a defender of Muslims in America..

A recent (Aug 1) interview by Tucker Carlson with an American convert to Islam, Bob Marro, is descriptive of the general misunderstanding Americans have about worldwide Islam and Islam in America.

They are different. By definition they are different. But since the Obama administration, probably much earlier, it had been the policy of the US government, both in immigration and foreign relations, to erase that distinction.

This is not really about Islam, or Muslims in America, or sharia, but what many Americans on the Right don’t fully get about what it means to “become American” and how it distinguishes us from all the rest of the world. And all the rest of History.

You see, the Left fully gets it. They know that America, as created, is different. That’s what they want to undo.

Muslims have been coming…

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