Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller on?–Two Schoolsenglish racers

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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

If Vegas were to give odds, bookmakers would have to do a lot of homework on Special Investigator Robert Mueller and try to connect several dots in order to determine to what, and to whom Mueller is most likely to be loyal.

In logic and science, the key to every proposition is a unified theory, i.e., all the pieces have to fit.

These days, Las Vegas math geniuses (yes, odds-making has a lot to do with math and they hire a lot of geniuses) are about the only place we can find clear logic, and a willingness to put money where the mouth is.

Today, there are three schools about Mueller’s intentions, one based on the mathematical equation of what he is likely to do based on what he has done in the past (the Logic School), another based on what he is most likely to do…

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