FBI Concludes GOP Shooter Wasn’t Targeting Republicans, HUH?

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So, I guess the attempted assassination of Congressional Republicans by Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson is all in our heads.  He meant well; besides, if you’re a Republican or Conservative, then you asked for it. (sarcasm)

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The FBI report in the Virginia shooting of GOP officials removes all doubt that the Deep State is alive and well. It was as illogical as anything Jim Comey would say about the Clinton email case.

The FBI shared their findings on June 21st

This is the quick rundown of the incriminating evidence that the shooter’s goal was to kill Republican officials.

  • Before Hodgkinson left for Virginia, he was engaging in target practice.
  • In his possession was a piece of paper that contained the names of six members of congress. [They are all members of the Freedom Caucus].
  • The shooter had strong anti-Republican views which he espoused on…

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