Did Donald Trump Just Get Lucky or Did he Mastermind a Masterful Stroke Against the Deep State?

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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Let’s go back to the beginning, when the very first revelations came out about Mike Flynn and the Russians – February, 2017, only two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency.

Flynn had been fired for misreporting his meeting(s) with the Russian ambassador to Vice President Pence, bringing the simmering charge of latent Russian involvement in the Dem’s election loss front and center.

We didn’t know then many things we know now, but while the media were running wild trying to connect (imaginary, it now turns out) dots between Mike Flynn’s contacts with Russians in the ordinary course of meet-and-greets, the White House was already in DEFCON mode seeking to know how the New York Times even knew Flynn had ever talked with any Russians.

Who leaked these contacts? After all, in the classified meaning of the term, they were “classified.” A criminal violation. And by April there…

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