In defense of the constitution


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I did not write this but took from facebook.

Sorry, I had to post this essay I wrote in answer to a writer’s op-ed about Me and you–the supporters of Trump: Two major points wrong with Mr. Ignatius’ op-ed. We are smarter than he is because we have arrived at the conclusion that what is happening to America is NOT any kind of immigration. According to the world university “old School” English Dictionary, definition or sense 2) in order for a person who enters another country as an immigrant, he or she must, “enter during a set period of time,” to be called or qualify as an immigrant. And, according to definition, or sense, 10) “An immigrant is a person who enters another country UNDER SET CONTROLS.” In case you don’t know what that means Mr. Ignatius, that means that the set controls, or US immigration laws (or set controls)…

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