MORE COLLUSION: GOP Elites and Anti-Trump PACs Join Forces in California to Take Down Trump

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According to Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump is currently polling at 45.7% in California compared to Ted Cruz who is polling at 28.3% and John Kasich 18.0%.

There is a message in there but Cruz and Kasich whose latest act of collusion is failing along with the #NeverTrump loons, Super PACS and the GOPe are not listening.

Acting in collusion, all of the above are plotting the takedown of Donald Trump in the California primary on June 7th.

The Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft

Photos source: Gage Skidmore-Flickr (cc) Photos source: Gage Skidmore-Flickr (cc)

On Sunday the Cruz and Kasich camps formed the Cru-sich Alliance to stop Donald Trump.

The two campaigns announced the development on Twitter.

Now Republican establishment funded Super PACs are joining forces to take down Trump in California.

Our Principles PAC (OPP) bought over $16 million in ads against Donald Trump so far this year. The group also admitted that…

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