Christian Slaughter IGNORED By Obama Inc., DOJ RAIDS Anti-Planned Parenthood Citizen Journalist: Where Is The Nexus? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


WHILE HUSSEIN Obama and his gang of accomplices opine about the “plight” of the so-called “refugees”, ushering them into America’s bosom to the detriment of national security, the silence re the continuous slaughter of Christians is beyond deafening. Eerily so.

ALONG with said anti-Christian perspective, is it surprising that the following new stats reflect said hatred?

As the administration pushes ahead with a surge” of Syrian refugee processing aimed at reaching its target of 10,000 this fiscal year, the proportion of Christians among those admitted remains smaller than one percent of the total.

Since the Paris attack last November highlighted the risk of terrorist groups using refugee admission programs as a cover to gain entry into Western countries, the State Department has now admitted 1,075 Syrian refugees.

Of these 1,075 Syrian refugees, 1,070 are Muslims, 4 are Christians and 1 is described as “no religion.” Of the 1,070 Muslim refugees…

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