The Castrating Of The American Mind:”Re-Shaping” Future Generations At College Campuses. To What End? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

LIKE in every abusive relationship, people who seek control and domination must instill fear in those they seek to subdue. Compliance. Hardly a one-off situation, it is generally an incremental and stepped-up indoctrination process via individuals who possess power over those who do not.

AND while this unbalanced dynamic is found in many walks of life, very few understand the centrality of said mentally abusive component(s) throughout America’s college campuses, perpetrated by administrators and a large preponderance of profs who are die-hard leftists. What’s going on?

INDEED, this highly-charged topic has various elements and moving parts.Yet, it is imperative to strip it down to its elemental thrust: the indoctrination of college students, one generation after another, many of whom will be future leaders in industry, government and cultural realms, never mind those who will be living more “ordinary” lives. As every devoted socialist/Marxist/leftist truly believes, “it takes a village.” 

READERS, this…

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