Various from the religion of peace 12/24/2015_01

Picture of the Week

T-shirt spotted at a “Death to Jews” rally in Algeria.
(Seems appropriate).

Islam and the Scientific Revolution (Quadrant)
“Islam’s well-funded propaganda machine has Arab scholars advancing the frontiers of knowledge long before Newton emerged from his study. From flying machines to theoretical physics, the Koran inspired them all.”

Ex Muslim: ‘Islamophobia’ vs ‘Freedomphobia’ (Jihad Watch)
(Video) An ex-Muslim compares complaints over ‘Islamophobia’ to the treatment of other ex-Muslims and critics in the Islamic world.

Turkey’s Ambitions (Gatestone)
“The President of one sectarian country (Sunni Turkey) is accusing another country (Shiite Iran and Shiite-dominated Iraq) of being sectarian.”

The Islamic State Nuclear Doomsday (Jerusalem Post)
The caliphate looks for a way to destroy as much the planet as quickly as possible.

How to Manufacture a Fake Backlash (Town Hall)
Hint: Make quick assumptions and move on before the facts come out.

Why Palestinians Love Baby Killers (Gatestone)
“This show of solidarity with a baby-killer and arch-terrorist is the direct result of the ongoing incitement against Israel and Jews that takes place each day in mosques, the press and social media in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Terror the Problem, Not ‘Islamophobia’ (Toronto Sun)
A moderate Muslim tells CAIR and ICNA to stop playing the victim card and join the fight against Jihad.

My Friend is a Muslim and He’s Really Nice (Citizen Warrior)
“The existence of nice Muslims does not invalidate the statement that Islamic teachings advocate intolerance and violence toward non-Muslims.”

Sharia Patrols: German Brownshirts are Back (The Rebel)
(Video) Islam can be enforced in Germany, but not criticized. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell how that will go.

Truth Not Hate (FrontPage Magazine)
Eight leading counter-Jihad activists speak out.

The US and Islam: What is Going on? (Gatestone)
“More prevalent than ‘Islamophobia’ is Islamophilia, as Muslims are treated as children whose feathers should not be ruffled. The Islamophilia crowd invites Americans and Europeans to sacrifice part of their own freedom.”

Palestine’ Already a Failed State (INN)
By whatever measure is used to determine failure, the Palestinians have already exceeded. The

Nazis Were Not German? (INN)
If the Allies had been as concerned about German sensibilities as we are about Muslims, then the war would never have been won.

No, Not Like Jewish Refugees (FrontPage Magazine)
“No Jew has ever murdered an American citizen invoking the ‘God of Israel’ as Muslims have done while crying ‘Allahu Akbar’.”

ISIS Sets Sights on India (Gatestone)
“If poverty were driving people to commit acts of terrorism, why are India’s Hindus not lining up to join their version of ‘jihadi’ outfits?”

Ex-Muslim: Islam a Religion of Hatred (Muslim Issue)
(Video) The more Muslims find out about Islam, the better chance they have of becoming radicals or apostates. There is no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam.

Paul Joseph Watson: Islam and Europe (The Rebel)
(Video) ISIS is bragging about using the refugee crisis to bring terror to Europe, even as no-go areas are becoming harder to deny.

Muslims Not the Enemy, But Keep Out Sharia (The T and D)
Unfortunately for this writer, more Muslims makes Sharia inevitable. Still, we appreciate the distinction between people and ideology.

Trump, Muslims and Sharia (Star Beacon)
The majority of Muslims in America oppose violence for Islam. 13% do not. 13% of 100 is 13 Muslims. 13% of 200 is 26 Muslims. Follow the pattern?

Michael Moore as Flat Fatima (Peoples’ Cube)
Michael Moore gets the Flat Fatima treatment in iconic images from the Islamic world.

Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God (NRO)
A Catholic college is under fire for being Catholic: “There is immense cultural pressure to paper over the differences between religious faiths.”

Emptying Gitmo Will Help Terrorists (Andrew C. McCarthy)
A partisan piece that raises good points about the consequences of unilateral action against Guantanamo Bay.

Hillary’s Blindness to Muslim Extremists (NY Post)
Choosing Minneapolis to unveil strategy against terror is like “choosing Baskin-Robbins to announce your weight-loss plans.”

Michael Moore Gives Up Bacon and Beer? (Daniel Greenfield)
Probably not. But at least ISIS and his doctor both want the same thing for him.

But ISIS Kills More Muslims than Non-Muslims. . . (R. Ibrahim)
. . . as do Saudi executioners. What’s the point?

Is Islam Reformable? (American Thinker)
Reforming Islam means ignoring much of the Quran, which is highly unlikely to happen for everyone.

Muslims are the New Jews? (Daniel Greenfield)
“The only thing the Muslims and the Jews have ever had in common is that the former conquered, persecuted and enslaved the latter. Any religious similarities are the product of Muslim cultural appropriation.”

We are All Muslims? (Answering Muslims)
David Wood takes on Michael Moore.

Why Syria Can’t Be Fixed (Daniel Greenfield)
There are no simple solutions in the Middle East. With Islam, there may not be any solution at all.

Religion of Peace? (IJ Review)
“The word ‘Islam’ did not stand for the absence of war, but for one of its intended outcomes: surrender leading to the ‘safety’ of captivity.”

American Teen: Gay Marriage Drove Him to Join al-Qaeda…
California Man Named ‘Jihad’ Makes Bomb Threat…
Saudi Cleric Warns Muslims Against Christmas…
Ibrahim: Penis-Eater May Find Support in Quran…
2.5 Million Displaced by Sunni-Shia Conflict in Yemen…
Imam Who Complained of US Ban Said CIA Behind Mumbai Attack…
ISIS Executes 17 for Using Internet…
Sweden to House ‘Migrants’ on Cruise Ships…
Buyers Cheated out of Real Camel Urine…
French Pedestrians Run Down by ‘Allah Akbar’ Driver…
Woman Discovered with ‘Fake Pregnant Belly’ for Bomb…
Brutal Gang-Rapist Back on Sweden’s Streets…
Video Shows Torture of Dogs in Iraq…
Turkish Drug Labs Refine ISIS Heroin for Sale in Europe…
Qatari Royals Kidnapped by Followers of Shiite Cleric…
Engineer Kidnaps Colleague, Forces Her Into Sex & Islam…
‘Migrants’ Dump Trash on Italy Streets to Protest Lack of Maid Service in Free Villas…
UK Homeless Pay for Govt.’s Focus on ‘Refugees’…
Police Skeptical of ‘Throes of Passion’ Commentary…
Oslo’s ‘Citizen of the Year’ Rationalized Hebdo Attack…
‘Migrants’ Stage Protest at Site of Paris Attacks Memorial…
Pakistan’s Plan for ‘Tiny Nuclear Weapons’ Creates Concern…
British Prime Minister to Look into Disneyland Trip Failure…
Somalia Orders Crackdown on Anyone Celebrating Christmas…
CAIR & Co. Call for Massive Muslim Vote Drive…
Russian ‘Father Christmas’ Packs Serious Heat…
Australian Terrorists: ‘Allah is Testing People’…
(Finland) ‘Asylum Seekers’ Try to Vacation Back Home…
One Million Students Forced Out of School by Boko Haram…
Caliph Vows to Make Sex Slave of Iraqi Beauty Queen…
Egyptian Analyst: All Islamic Political Groups Support ISIS…
Woman Assaulted Belgium Police after ‘Hijab’ Arrest…
Woman Who Tried to Join ISIS Wins Custody of Children…
Turkey: Drawing Muhammad Causes Same Damage as ISIS…
NJ Chief: Police Had to Break Up Muslim Celebrations of 9/11…
Study Show Immigrations Lower Wages for 25% of ‘Natives’…
US Man Who Threatened Mosque Liked Trump – and Hillary…
‘Fornicating’ Bill Clinton is in ISIS Videos…
Refugee Admits: ‘Main Goal’ to Islamize Europe…
Bank Study Shows Many ‘Migrants’ Will Never Work…
State Dept. Admits US Lets In 4 Times as Many Terrorists as Not
California Data Breach Caused by Iranian Hackers…
Sultan of Brunei Bans All Sign of Christmas…
Iran Hangs Three Political Prisoners…
Hamas Talks Peace – with ISIS
Satanists Squabble over Offer to ‘Protect’ Muslims…
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