Various from the religion of peace 12/21/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Future “refugees” have some fun with a Christian in Syria.
Not profiling by religion apparently means having to take in people
who have no such qualm (for benefits that are never really clear).

No, Not Like Jewish Refugees  (FrontPage Magazine)
“No Jew has ever murdered an American citizen invoking the ‘God of Israel’ as Muslims have done while crying ‘Allahu Akbar’.”

ISIS Sets Sights on India  (Gatestone)
“If poverty were driving people to commit acts of terrorism, why are India’s Hindus not lining up to join their version of ‘jihadi’ outfits?”

Ex-Muslim: Islam a Religion of Hatred  (Muslim Issue)
(Video) The more Muslims find out about Islam, the better chance they have of becoming radicals or apostates. There is no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam.

Paul Joseph Watson: Islam and Europe  (The Rebel)
(Video) ISIS is bragging about using the refugee crisis to bring terror to Europe, even as no-go areas are becoming harder to deny.

San Diego Professor, Students Wear Yellow Stars: Say ‘Islamophobia’ Like Holocaust…
Gay Man Was Killed After Offering Food and Clothes…
Yazidi Women and Children Sold in Turkey…
Muslim Women on WaPo Slam ‘Solidarity’ Hijabs…
Trump Challenges Clinton Story about ISIS Video…
Possible Bomb Found at Home of US Man Threatening Muslims…
EU Advisor Advocates Letting Everyone into Europe…
International Teachers Say ‘British Values’ May Mean Jail…
Corbyn May Welcome Back George Galloway to Labour…
German Weapons Sales Spike with Migrant Crime Wave…
ISIS: We’re the Only Ones Who Can Stabilize Libya…
Sudanese Editors Face Death Penalty for Criticizing Govt…
Daily Mail Hails Courage of Christmas Celebrants Under Islam – Pixelates Faces…
Bishop Who Welcomed ‘Migrants’ to Italy Embezzles €430,000…
ISIS Prison Features Torture and Religious Lessons…
(UK) Muslim ‘Men’ Lined Up to Rape Torture Victim…
Britain Provide ‘Asylum Seekers’ with Expensive Entertainment…
Marketplace Groper Nearly Knocked Out by Victim…
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