Various from the religion of peace 12/11/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Where’s Syed asked his San Bernardino co-workers (pictured).
Syed and his wife were just running a little late, as it turns out.
Muslim groups shrug off terror attacks in the name
of Islam.  They say it’s just a “misunderstanding.”
If so, then shouldn’t they have gotten it cleared up by now?

San Bernardino and the CAIR Cover-Up  (FrontPage Magazine)
CAIR wants to make America safe – for Sharia.

9 Things the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know about Islam  (BB)
If you can get beyond the fact that Trump is now pushing it, the ban on Muslim immigration is common sense.

Muslim ‘Reform’ and Fantasy Islam  (FrontPage Magazine)
“Welcome to a personal version of Islam that has nothing to do with Islam.”

San Bernardino and Muslim ‘Grievance’  (Raymond Ibrahim)
The claim that Islamic violence is a product of Islamic grievance — in this case, U.S. foreign policy — is a testimony to intellectual vacancy and moral bankruptcy.

Dispelling the ‘Few Extremists’ Myth  (NRO)
Polls show that there is a great deal of hate and bigotry in the Islamic world.

Were the Farooks Islamic?  (FrontPage Magazine)
“If it was true that Islam is devoid of so much as the slightest pretexts for violence, to say nothing of actual precedents for it, then how is it that so many practicing Muslims continue to get it so wrong?”

Is Political Correctness More Deadly than ISIS?  (American Thinker)
Political correctness lowers our defenses and makes us more vulnerable to those who openly seek our destruction.

Islamic Timelines Fueling Jihad  (Gates of Vienna)
The rise of Islamic terror in the West is converging with efforts to criminalize criticism of Islam. . . according to plan?

Ex-Gitmo Becomes al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen…
Britain Says ‘No’ to Trump, ‘Yes’ to Hate Preachers…
(US) Son of Pakistani Diplomat Charged with Raping Minor…
UK Parents Complain of Christmas ‘Brainwashing…
Jimmy Carter ‘Cured’ by Drug Developed in Israel…
‘Refugees’ to Finland Formerly Executed Iraqis…
Europe’s Anti-Semitic Past Echoes in Israel Shaming…
Germany: Sharia Patrols Not Breaking Law…
Statistics Show Majority of ‘Refugees’ Will Never Work…
Faithful Used British Church Hall to Promote ISIS…
US Muslims Offended by Obama’s Call for Cooperation…
UK Hardliners Cracked Down on Easter Eggs…
American Cleric Taught Underwear Bomber How to Pray…
Algerian Migrant to Italy Sets Wife on Fire…
Pakistan Uses Anti-Christian Rhetoric to Garner Support for Razing Slums…
French Anti-Immigration Party Most Popular in Calais…
Calais ‘Migrants’ Bide Time Targeting Teenage Girls…
Berlin Convicts Imam for Seeking Murder of Jews…
60% of Unemployed in Sweden Will Be Foreign Born by 2017…
Rigby Beheader Wants Compensation from Taxpayers…
Texas Imam Supports Trump’s ‘Ban’ – So Do 61% of Americans…
Azerbaijan Cleric Led Prayers, Terror Cell…
UN Wants $94 Million to Deal With Islamic Violence in Yemen…
UN Wants $165 Million to Deal With Islamic Violence in Libya…
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