Various from the religion of peace 11/28/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Twenty victims of the Islamic attacks in Paris, which claimed
the lives of 130 innocents – most of whom were young.
Each of the killers was – ultimately – a product of Islamic
immigration.  Each was in a position to kill because
of the trust and kindness of Europeans – and the naive
belief that Islam is neither different nor dangerous.

Deconstructing the Fatwa Against ISIS  (MEMRI)
(PDF) This is an excellent, in-depth analysis of the much-publicized letter critical of ISIS by a group of Islamic scholars. It illustrates how problematic the issue of violence is in Islam and (thus) why the violence persists across the centuries.

Racist to Oppose Quick Entry of 25,000 Syrians?  (FrontPage)
Advocates of an immigration wave that is clearly not cost-beneficial to the host are having to fall back on an old stand-by: the Race Card.

The Plight of an Ex-Muslim in Europe  (Examiner)
An author and human rights activist against Islamic fascism warns of what looms for Europe.

Calais ‘Migrants’ Attack Truck Drivers…
Militants Forced Captured 7-Year-Old to Read Quran…
IS Members Hack Off 70 Ears…
Maylasia Religious Dept: No Proof Muslims were Involved in Paris
Rape Ticks Up with Number of ‘Asylum Seekers’ in Finland…
Ken Livingstone Eulogizes 7/7 Bombers…
14000 Illegals Go ‘Underground’ in Sweden…
Muslim Tries to Strangle Rabbi Outside Melbourne Synagogue
Saudi Arabia to Sue Twitter User for Comparing Execution of Apostate to Islamic State…
Harvard Islamic Law Librarian Arrested for Sex Crime…
IAEA: Can’t Guarantee Iran Nuclear Program is Peaceful…
Miami Muslim Leader Talks Peace to Media, Glorifies Terror
WaPo: Counter Terror by ‘Being Nicer’ to Muslims…
Sweden Counters IS Recruits with ‘Knowledge Centers’…
Police Intercept 800 Shotguns Bound for Belgium…
Ladies Afternoon Tea Group Support ISIS (London)…
‘Migrants’ Stone Police, Tear Down Fences…
AUS Teen Put in Coma over ‘Religion’…
Caliph Declares War on Mexico and Japan…
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