Various from the religion of peace 10/19/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Two Holy Warriors with suicide belts took out 97
demonstrators at a peace rally in Turkey last week.
How many people were killed in the name of your religion?

Who is Behind the Bendigo Mosque?  (Andrew Bolt)
Opponents of a proposed mosque in Australia are receiving a lot of attention, but the real extremists are on the other side.

An Islamist Intifada  (American Thinker)
“There never has been an authentic Palestinian national movement, as opposed to a basically Islamist desire to rid the Middle East of its only non-Islamic polity.”

Egypt: Women in ‘Revealing’ Clothing Banned from Voting…
Muslim ‘Migrants’ Plot Terror in Switzerland…
Drone Footage Shows Beheading of ‘Allah Insulter’…
Indonesians Demand Closure of Churches in Sharia Province…
German’s Protestant Leader: No Need to Convert Muslims…
France Proposes Plan to Keep Jews from Temple Mount…
Palestinian Schools Teach Kids ‘How to Stab Jews’…
Cameron to Pay Imams to Denounce Extremism…
Left-Wing Czech President Warns of Migrants and Sharia…
CAIR Presses with Lawsuit Against Critics…
Arab Medical Staff Declined to Help Stabbed Jews…
(Video) Soccer Commentator Likens Goals to Knives…
56% of Inmates at UK Prison are Muslim…

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