This was not my daughter but she is blonde. LOL

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YOU TRY TO BE NICE…yesterday I went to the supermarket.parked along side of this nice young blond standing there.she smiles at me and says..OH THANK GOD,i locked my keys in my new car and I don’t know what to do…..being the nice guy I am I get out and ask her where her car is? she smiles and says…im standing in front of it now. so I walk around the car very slow and then say…you know this is a convertible???? she says why yes its such a nice day so I let the top down.still trying to be nice I say…well why don’t you just lean in and remove your key from the .drivers seat??? then she says…..I my be blond but im not stupid…..THE DOOR WILL STILL BE LOCKED !!!!!!

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