Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 9/11/2015


9/11: Never Forget Morphs into Never Mind

911 8It is with great sorrow that I reflect back on the terrible day 14 years ago and the years that followed. For one brief moment, the nation understood that we were under attack. We were a nation at war, but before we could get our collective head around the unprecedented attack on American soil, the […]READ MORE

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Germany: Jihadis working to recruit Syrian refugees

Syrian_refugeesThose who aren’t already Islamic jihadists are being recruited into the jihadi cause once in Europe. Yet Germany and the rest of Europe continue to welcome the flood of refugees, while doing nothing effective to stop this recruitment. “Islamic extremists ‘trying to recruit Syrian refugees in Germany,’” by Justin Huggler, Telegraph, September 10, 2015: Islamic […]READ MORE

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Florida: Muslim Convert indicted in 9/11 memorial bomb plot

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.45.27 PMThis Florida Muslim convert claims to have incited/inspired the jihad attack on our art exhibit in Garland, Texas that led to the death of the two jihadists. He was calling for the death of anyone that depicts Muhammad. Why is it that newbies (converts) are the most bloodthirsty? And why do they understand Islam in […]READ MORE

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Hungary takes Military Action Against Muslim Invasion

hungary migrantBREAKING: Hungarian army launches military exercise called “Decisive Action” along it’s border amid refugee crisis. (Source Israel News Flash) – thanks to Armaros An appropriate response to a hostile invasion. The war for Europe is inevitable. UPDATE: Hungary conducts military exercises amid refugee crisis,” DW, September 10th, 2015 The Hungarian army conducted military exercises ahead […]READ MORE

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LOOK at these 9/11 Muslim Threats on Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 4.35.27 PMI have been posting an unceasing string of threats and warnings by many Muslims on Twitter in the past month alone. The only thing more terrifying is that those of us who call attention to this savagery are the “haters” and the “bigots,” but the ideology behind this carnage and oppression is revered and respected. […]READ MORE

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Obama Warns US to Prepare for 10,000 Muslim ‘Migrants’

Migrants-340628One of Obama’s parting gifts — a trojan horse. The Islamic State threatened to send half a million Muslim migrants to Europe as a “weapon” against the West. Obama is bringing them here. What an appropriate message for the anniversary of September 11th.   “Obama wants US to prepare for 10,000 Syrian refugees next year […]READ MORE

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Geller vs Ghouse Debate on Iran Nuclear Deal on @SeanHannity Radio

iranSean Hannity posted the debate that Mike Ghouse, Iranian nuke supporter, and I had over the Iran nuclear pact. It’s hot — listen: The left and islamic supremacists are selling this as “peace and security for Israel.” It mimics “Arbeit macht frei” (“work makes (you) free”). The slogan was placed over the entrances to a […]READ MORE

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Saudi ‘Help’ for Migrants: 200 New Mosques in Germany

eurabia-1-500x488“Saudi Arabia just offered to build 200 barracks for the 800,000 soldiers invading Germany.” 80% of the mosques in America were built with Saudi funds — and that continues to this very day. Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t permit the construction of churches but finances a mosque construction spree in the land of the infidel, will […]READ MORE

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