US Election 2016 009

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1 Response to US Election 2016 009

  1. JC says:

    I know this RANT is not in line with the topic posted, but I fear I am going to explode with outrage if I do not get off my chest. Ignoramus Secretary Kerry and his dear leader BHO/Lucifer have just announced that they have the votes to ram the Iran deal through. Please be advised my fellow Americans what we witnessed today with this announcement is a capitulation to evil. We will suffer the consequences of what they have wrought. To anyone who even remotely thinks that this deal was good for anyone, be it the USA or Israel or the rest of the planet is to have ignored history so much so that it is beyond comprehension. What we are about to experience is beyond the wildest imagination of the entire planet. To the DEMS who have, so COMPLETELY and with MALICE of fore thought, advanced this deal, may it be you and yours who suffer the most for supporting this unholy alliance. May G_D have mercy on your blackened and despicable souls… for I fear at the moment I can only shudder in disgust and revulsion at what you have done.


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