Obama using Parker West murders for gun grab plan


Published on Aug 27, 2015

Obama, Clinton could not wait to promote their gun grab agenda against law abiding gun owning US citizens after Alison Parker, Adam Ward shooting.









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3 Responses to Obama using Parker West murders for gun grab plan

  1. JC says:

    You are spot on. I have yet to hear one thing about he REAL cause of the death for Ms. Parker and Mr. Ward, and the third victim Vicky (her last name escapes me at the moment)…. the REAL cause is pure hate (evil) coupled with obvious signs of mental illness that dwelled in this killer. He was intent on doing harm and he succeeded. Matters not the tool/device he used… he could have used a knife, box cutter, car, hammer, his fists, a pillow… he chose a gun even if guns were taken away those intent on killing… those intent on hate would continue to do so. You cannot blame the gun… that is like saying it is the forks fault for obesity. This killer would have killed regardless of the weapon used.


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