Trump handled this properly.

Trump handled this properly.


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1 Response to Trump handled this properly.

  1. JC says:

    I would like very much to share a few observations concerning Donald Trump, please understand that while I would vote for him should he be the nominee (as voting for whomever the democrats put forth is a non starter for me), he is not my first choice.

    To my observations, I do believe the media has been scratching their collective heads to understand why Mr. Trump is in the lead in most polls… first I would venture to say that Mr. Trump presents himself as not a politician, the very idea warms the heart and captures the imagination of even the most jaded voter. Secondly Mr. Trump by his own admission does not have all the answers to all the problems that plague the US, but his willingness to try something different to address said problems is refreshing to hear. Thirdly, but no less important, I believe that Mr. Trump embodies/possesses the very thing that almost eight years ago gave BHO/Lucifer dominion over the US, the cult of personality. He is a dynamic force to be reckoned with and voters respond to that type of personality. Mr. Trump and BHO/Lucifer have many things in common, within the confines of the cult of personality, they both have billed themselves as different from everyone else in the race. They say nothing really, yet the voter hears whatever he or she wants/needs to hear. They are both narcissistic in that they see themselves, as having great accomplishment, yet a closer look tells a different story. They count on never having to give a full accounting of themselves or their decisions. We should just love them because, well, they said we should. They both stand before the world and dare anyone to challenge them, and should someone do that, well as they say the proof is in the pudding.

    I dare say there are differences between Mr. Trump and BHO/Lucifer that do make for compelling reasons of why a Trump presidency would not be so bad. First and foremost I believe that Donald Trump loves America, he does grasp that a weak America makes for a dangerous world, not just abroad but at home too. I believe that Donald Trump while not having the all answers, is willingly and openly ready to surround himself with people who also love America like he does. I believe that Mr. Trump, truly and without reservation, respects our military and the sacrifices made by them. I believe that Mr. Trump would do whatever it takes to make sure that America wins, whether it be in war or in economic issues, or in securing our borders. I also believe that he would try to make America great again, as he has stated. I also believe that Mr. Trump would always do what he thought best for America, no matter who it would tick off. I also believe that he would repair our broken relationships with our allies and he would nurture those relationships and rebuild those bonds of trust.

    I would ask each voter to do the due diligence required to make a good informed decision before the primaries. We have been down the road of voting for the “cult of personality” before, he currently sits in the White House, his name BHO/Lucifer. Each day we are made weaker (on all levels) and less secure, because so many could/would see no farther than the color of his skin. It is what the democrats counted on from the start of BHO/Lucifer’s political career, and so shall it be with the ending of it.

    So the challenge that I am putting forth is for you to do the work required to make the best choice possible for this country. Do not go the easy route of voting for someone just because they tell you what you want to hear, that my friend is the personification of the “cult of personality” Use your brain, engage your critical thinking skills, research each candidate and make an informed intelligent decision based on facts and rooted in reality. If we all do the vetting required of us and Mr. Trump is the nominee, then we can hold our heads high, instead of holding our noses as we vote. Do not vote for just another cult of personality, our battle cry should be, “been there done that.”


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