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11-Year-Old Sex Slave is Strapped to Car Hood as Human Shield after Being Repeatedly Raped and Sold

isis-sex-slaves1A devout Islamic State jihadi used an 11-year-old sex slave as a human shield by strapping her to the hood of his car while driving into battle. ISIS has taken Hamas’s savage idea of using children as human shields to the next level — Yazidi girl left screaming for her life after being tied to […]READ MORE

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Historic 19th Century French synagogue burns down

synagogue-de-Maizières-lès-VicHmmm, who would have done such a thing? Let’s see, who destroys the houses of worship of unbelievers? “The synagogue had no electrical feed and it didn’t burn itself down,” he said. Police are investigating … Historic former French synagogue burns down Police investigating if arsonists set fire to a 19th-century building that once housed […]READ MORE

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Muslims harass US congressmen during visit to Temple Mount

140225_templemountThe respect that devout “Palestinian” Muslims demand (on pain of death) for their savage and inhumane ideology is diametrically opposed to the hatred and supremacism that they routinely demonstrate toward anyone who supports Israel and opposes their genocidal jihad. They don’t even hesitate to harass American congressmen — they know there will be no repercussions, […]READ MORE

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FBI: Teen Muslim Islamic State Recruit Praised Chattanooga Jihad Massacre

Muhammad Oda DakhlallaObama is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from jihad nations. How many share Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla’s religious passion for slaughter and supremacism? “Teen Would-Be Islamic State Recruit Praised Chattanooga Shooting, FBI Say,” BY: Morgan Chalfant, Free Beacon, August 11, 2015 A 19-year-old Mississippi resident recently charged by the FBI with attempting to join the […]READ MORE

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Three fake “Islamophobic hate crimes” the media ran wild with

islamophobia train adFaked hate has its own category here at Atlas; that’s how rampant these Islamic lies are in the media. Who can forget “One Million Hijabs” for murder victim Shaima Alawadi? Islamic supremacists blamed her death on “islamophobes,” but when the truth came out, that Shaima was honor-murdered by her husband, the Muslim community fell silent. […]READ MORE

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Photo: Leftist Canadian Prime Minister candidate Thomas Mulclair with Islamic supremacist, Jew-hating jihad supporter Nazih Khataba

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair gets expressive as he responds to questions with the media following a party caucus meeting on Parliament Hill Wednesday May 8, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian WyldThe launch of the Canadian federal election occurred last week, and its significance reaches far beyond Canada itself. There is no more firmly pro-Israel leader in the world today than Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper. However, despite a strong economy, low crime rate, and stability, this great Prime Minister is in a major electoral fight […]READ MORE

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Islamic State Hacking Division Posts Military Names, Addresses, Phones: “Soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.54.59 PMThe Islamic State Hacking Division has hacked and released military and government information info. Junaid Hussain is in on this — he’s a British jihadist believed to be in Syria who is part of ISIS  hacking division. I am appalled at Obama’s indifference to the safety and security of our military while obsessively pursing a […]READ MORE

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The Islamic State of America: White House in the Cross-Hairs

White House islamic StateObama is arming a jihad state with nukes — madness. Obama is woefully unprepared to face the threat of ISIS: he CREATED the threat by leaving Iraq precipitously and giving an opportunity to this group. Instead, he provides cover to the savages, insisting that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, despite its […]READ MORE

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California Muslim Pleads Guilty to Trying to Join Islamic State

adam-dandachEvery day more American Muslims are fleeing to join the holy war to impose Islam on the world. Adam Dandach was stopped last July while trying to board a flight for Turkey. He told FBI agents that he was heading to Syria and planned to pledge allegiance and offer assistance to the Islamic State. Dandach […]READ MORE

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Mississippi Muslims Charged for Trying to Wage Jihad Alongside the Islamic State

mii-couple-isisMore daily reports of Muslims going jihad in America. Jihadis are slaughtering Americans on American soil — plots are thwarted weekly, sometimes daily. And the most important problem(s) facing Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll, are listed below. Further proof of the pervasive tyranny of the enemedia in the information battle-space.   Federal Judge […]READ MORE

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Sweden: “Asylum Seekers” Deadly Knife Attack at IKEA, Mother and Son Murdered

ikea swedenEritrean “asylum seekers” — next they’ll be describing the suspects this way: “men with green socks blew themselves up today …” Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the deadly knife attack at an IKEA warehouse in Sweden on Monday. The victims, a mother, 55, and her 28-year-old son, died at the […]READ MORE

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