Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 7/30/2015

UK: More Muslims Have Joined the Islamic State (ISIS) than the Armed Forces

UK-We-Stand-Together-Campaign-IPI reported on this here at Atlas back in April, and since then it has only gotten worse. But the UK government continues to ignore and deny the obvious, to assume that the great majority of the Muslims they have brought into the country will assimilate and adopt Western values, and to hound counter-jihadists with […]READ MORE

Pamela Geller on NewsTalk Radio| Obama Policy Could Make Hitler Look Like a Goof Off

Listen to my segment this week on Jamie Allman in the Morning on 97 TalkRadio.

I do a segment with Jamie every Wednesday, in addition to my weekly segments with Jaz McKay on KNZR (1560 AM and 97.7 FM) every Tuesday at 4pm, and Sam Sorbo, Tuesdays at 11:30 am Eastern. Tune in, make it a part of your regular radio listening schedule.

“Pamela Geller | Obama Policy Could Make Hitler Look Like a Goof Off,” By Jamie Allman, 97Talk Radio, July 29, 2015
Pamela Geller bio shot

“If you’re an African nation and you’re not gay friendly you get a scolding from President Obama… if you’re an Islamic nation and you’re not gay friendly you get a nuke deal,” says Jamie.

He and Pamela Geller discuss the President’s recent trip to Kenya, Governor Huckabee’s controversial Holocaust comments and the Iran nuclear deal in general.

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NY Muslim Who Threatened to BEHEAD His Daughter ARRESTED for AIDING, RECRUITING for ISIS (Islamic State)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.01.48 PMAnother Lackawanna jihad plot — remember, The Buffalo Six, aka the Lackawanna Six, but also the Lackawanna Cell, or Buffalo Cell, a group of six Muslims convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda. Now jihad in America is daily. Arafat M. Nagi was arrested by federal officials for knowingly attempting to provide material support […]READ MORE

Jihad-terror prisoners who were segregated for religious bullying of other inmates win taxpayer-funded challenges at the Supreme Court that it was unlawful

prison jihad

Bear in mind that the prison system is a hotbed of jihad recruitment and widespread conversion of inmates is a worldwide problem. An inordinate number of jihad-terror plots involve Muslims converted to Islam in prison. If these activities were treated like acts of war and not “law enforcement” issues, these absurd and ridiculous rulings would not be possible.


Devout Muslims accused in plot to behead Pamela Geller due in Boston court

boston beheading plot

There are a great many devout Muslims in this country who support jihad, the Islamic State, and plots of this kind. Security is an enormous ongoing expense — please contribute here. They were coming to kill me because I am American and I live free. Because I believe in freedom and individual rights. Because I refuse to adhere to the blasphemy laws under the shariah (Islamic law). Because I will not abridge my freedoms in submission to savages.


ISIS Plans Massive Attack in India and Provoke “End of the World” — “Armageddon,” “Apocalyptic Confrontation” with America

isis armyA recruitment document has revealed the Islamic State’s (ISIS) “grand ambition” to ignite a war in India, build a new terror army in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world” situation. The document also urges the world to ‘swallow the bitter truth’ that the caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire globe and beheads every last person who rebels against Allah.

Obama’s response? His Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson said — wait for it — that the government will call such attacks “violent extremism” over “Islamic terrorism” out of respect for the Muslim community. Jeh Johnson announced this policy mandate at a national security conference on July 23.[…]READ MORE

Georgia Muslim who tried to join Islamic State had Facebook page featuring “death to America jihad rhetoric”

al farrooq mosque atlantaI am sure Obama and his treasonous administration are scratching their heads for motive. It’s to laugh, it’s to cry (Bugs Bunny) Again I ask, if the Islamic State is not Islamic, what is it? How did this “misunderstanding” of Islam become so widespread? Why are tens of thousands of Muslims from the US, UK, […]READ MORE

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