Preschoolers Better Toe the Line. Here Come the Common Core Assessments.

Preschoolers Better Toe the Line. Here Come the Common Core Assessments.

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Kindergarten Kisok July 19th tweet about Common Core assessment for Kindergarteners

Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue

How terribly sad and criminal. Even preschoolers (ages 3-4) know are assessed on their math and language arts capabilities. Gone are the days of learning at your own pace at 3 years old. Kindergarten Kiosk is just one of many companies providing material to ensure that teachers are teaching such subjects as science, math, literature, music to fulfill the CCSS.

This shouldn’t be of any surprise to those following ed reform and the change from viewing students as children with different learning styles and abilities. Remember, these standards are being foisted on 3 year old children. (That’s one of the best reasons to keep your children out of public school or schools using CCSS). What is the reason for these standards? It’s to create executive function skills. From an earlier MEW post Common Core to Teach Preschoolers/Kindergartners “Executive Function Skills”:


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