Various from the religion of peace 7/28/2015_01

Muslim Moderates Rally in Ireland (Robert Spencer)
. . . All fifty of them.

Islam: World’s Fastest Shrinking Religion? (Jihad Watch)
Islam is good at immigration and making benefits babies at faster rates, but as far as genuine religious conversion. . . not so much

Obama’s $150 Billion Donation to Iranian Terror (Gatestone)
“It’s as if someone is lighting a long fuse and will then say he was not near the dynamite when it went off.”

Interview with Nicolai Sennels (10 News)
Denmark is a tough country in which to challenge the status quo, even when it makes perfect sense. That is what makes Nicolai Sennels all the more extraordinary.

French Women Outraged over ‘Bikini’ Beating…
Hezbollah Leader Admits it is Funded by Iran…
War in Yemen Forces 2 Million Children to Abandon School…
Islamic Extremists in the UK: 1 in 10 are Under 12-Years of Age…
Children Given ‘Martyrdom’ Lesson at Temple Mount…
Britain Frees 7/7 Terrorist in Time for Eid…
Turkey Finds ISIS Cells Way Too Quickly…
MK Denies There Was Ever a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem…
100 Afghan Police Defect to Taliban After Lack of Support…
Famed London Bridge the Site of ‘Random’ Muslim Violence…
‘Hope Not Hate’ Gloats over Mysterious Arrest of Robinson…
Florida Convert Sentenced for Planned Attack on Stadium…
Saudis Jail ‘Magician’ for Casting Spell on Family…
‘Make Roads Safe’ Singer Wrecks While Taking Selfie…
Miami Islamist Finds Kindred Spirit with David Duke…
Afghan Gunbattle Triggered over Fight for Boys…
(Greece) ‘Refugees’ Well-Dressed, Using iPhones…
Sweden’s Muslim Ghetto: Four Grenade Attacks in One Week..
Swedish Woman Gang-Raped for Week by ‘Asylum Seekers’…

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