Political Data is Everywhere — But What Does It All Mean?

Political Data is Everywhere — But What Does It All Mean?

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big data mining and collection of voters

I suspect that I am not the only voter who sensed that Americans were manipulated these past election cycles into electing candidates that gave the appearance of being in touch with voters only to witness a sharp pivot away from the interest of voters by elected officials to do the bidding of lobbyists.

How did this happen and what are the odds of history repeating itself? You decide.

Both parties have contracted the tech industry to mine and collect data from our cell phones, credit cards, discount cards, social media down to the Google Play Apps we download, a major invasion of privacy intended to control the message and for the purpose of manipulatingbamboozling manipulating voters.

The Intercept, by Farai Chideya

…In 2012 the two major parties spent about $13 million on data mining (while the individual campaigns spent untold millions more), with larger outlays predicted this time…

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