Putin Declares Military Spending War

Putin Declares Military Spending War

Pentagon accuses Russia of ‘playing with fire’ over nuclear threats towards Nato

by Mary Chastain 28 Jun 2015 Via Breitbart

Cool sunglasses. [Photo Credit: AFP]

(Yeah, well good luck with that one Putin. Just remember the last time your predecessors tried to outspend the good old USA. – LS)

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country faces intense threats on its border and must upgrade its army for protection. Ukraine disagrees, as its government reports this week that over 54,000 Russian soldiers are standing by on its borders.

“Currently, Russia continues to deploy a group of troops in close vicinity to border and in the occupied territory of Ukraine, consisting of 45 battalion tactical groups, 17 company tactical groups, with a total number of servicemen exceeding 54,000 people, with all weapons and equipment,” stated the Anti-Terrorist Organization press office.

Putin promised new military graduates plans “to spend 22 trillion rubles…

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