A Good First Step To Fixing America

A Good First Step To Fixing America


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7 Responses to A Good First Step To Fixing America

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  2. I think what is interesting is that your suggestion for a “first step” indicates that you’ve realized it has gone beyond that, that there is something else at hand.


  3. Father Paul Lemmen says:

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  4. Our Father who art in Heaven, we have people in this country who took an oath to protect the Constitution and the people of this country. They have lied to the people of this country and are trying to kidnap and change our country into an Islamic and Socialistic country. We are working against these evil doers; but, it looks like we need your devine intervention. We will continue working as hard as we can to work against this evil and will continue praying that we are successful.


    • vernon says:

      While you’re at it, work against the evil doers who would use religion as a hammer to force dissenters into submission. In the USA, we have a Constitutionally recognized right to disagree.


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